Nexus® 200 Can / Newspaper & Magazine Recycling Bin

Segregated recycling collection of two waste streams within a single, slimline container.

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Nexus® 200 Recycling Bins are ergonomic and versatile. Nexus 200 Can / Newspaper & Magazine Recycling Bin provides segregated recycling collection of two waste streams within a single, slim-footprint container.

Nexus® 200 Recycling Bin has been designed with a slim, elliptical shape to take up as little space on the pavement as possible, while still collecting large amounts of material. The curved hood prevents litter being left on top of the bin and stops rainwater from pooling on the unit.

The bin is supplied with large clear recycling graphics on the hood and doors that conform to the recommendations of Defra's Recycle Now scheme. The graphics are highly visible from wide angles to encourage correct usage.

Nexus® 200 Recycling Bin features an innovative door & lock design that makes emptying the unit quick and simple. A single operation is enough to access both liners. The doors feature concealed hinges, and interlock with the container at three points for maximum strength and security.

Design Features
  • 2 x 100 litre zinc-coated steel liners.
  • Double-skinned body and doors.
  • Anti-flyposting finish.
  • Four A3 poster frames with Recycle Now graphics.
Bin Body & Doors: Black, Anthracite Grey
Aperture Panels, Poster Frames: Grey, Azure Blue
Bin body and door: Durapol™
Height: 1177mm
Width: 1169mm
Depth: 591mm
Capacity: 2 x 100 litres
Weight: 51kg
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