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Towable Salt / Grit Spreaders

Glasdon produce a range of towable gritters, like our grit spreaders they provide two different methods of grit dispersal, however most of our towable salt spreaders are capable of multi-functionality. So you can use them as a broadcast or drop spreader. Our salt gritters are perfect for use by Local Authorities to grit city/town centres, Hospitals, small to media size industrial sites and schools.

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More information on Glasdon Towable Gritters

Gritting roads and car parks is an important part of staying safe during the winter months. When it comes to gritting car parks and small roads, doing it by hand is not an option as it's dangerous and can yield inconsistent results. Not to mention how time consuming spreading grit by hand can be, especially in large areas.

Our towable gritters promise to take the hassle and danger out of gritting large areas. They cover large areas with ease and are simple to set up and use with your car, truck or even quad bike. Glasdon spreaders are capable of using dry or wet grit, due to its unique agitation mechanism.

All Glasdon towable salt spreaders are heavy duty and built to withstand adverse weather conditions. You can guarantee your towable Glasdon grit spreader will not let you down with regular use in bad weather conditions.

As well as our impressive range of spreaders we also offer lightweight snow shovel, grit spreaders and grit bins.