Towable Gritters and Rock Salt Spreaders

Glasdon towable salt spreaders can be operated by a car, truck or quad bike. They are ideal for gritting large areas such as private roads, over multiple car parks and places where manual gritting would be inefficient and potentially dangerous.

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Cover large areas with ease and speed with Glasdon towable gritters. These pull behind salt spreaders operate at speeds of up to 20mph and come with an adjustable speed mechanism so your spread is always consistent and accurate.

With settings for both broadcast and drop spreading, the Turbocast™ 800 and Turbocast™ 1000 towable gritters are multi-functional salt spreaders that can be adapted to provide the right coverage for your location. They are ideal for local authorities, large industrial sites, hospitals and universities.

The spreaders feature unique agitation mechanism meaning they can be used to distribute dry or wet grit without the risk of clogging. The broadcast setting enables you to cover a wide area with an even and consistent layer of rock salt or ice melt, whilst the drop spreading feature provides an accurate and consistent flow at a defined width.

All of our towable, pull behind salt spreaders are heavy duty and built to withstand adverse weather conditions. You can guarantee your towable Glasdon rock salt spreader will not let you down.

For smaller areas where vehicle operated gritters are not appropriate, we also supply a range of manual salt spreaders, ideal for use on footpaths, pavements and entrance halls. Need some help choosing the right salt spreader for your facilities? Read our Guide to Grit Spreaders or talk to one of our advisors today.Prepare for the winter with hard wearing, durable and high quality, winter safety equipment by Glasdon. We offer everything from grit bins to heavy duty snow shovels.

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