External Free-Standing Cigarette Disposal Bins

High-quality and low maintenance free-standing ashtrays by Glasdon effectively help to keep the environment clean. These slimline smoking solutions are modern and attractive, ideal for combatting cigarette waste outside workplaces and in smoking areas.

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Enhance smoking control in outdoor or public areas with hard-wearing, free-standing cigarette disposal bins and ashtrays. High-quality construction from expert materials ensure that these standing ashtrays for outdoor use are able to perform at optimal standards year-round.

The compact, slim and stylish design of these free-standing smoking bins are particularly well suited to areas of high footfall, including the entrance areas of buildings, city centres and bus and train stations. Where floor space is minimal, we also offer a range of wall-mounted ashtrays which can be successfully integrated with any outdoor smoking area.

We offer a variety of standing ashtrays with varying capacities, as well as cigarette and litter bin combos to best suit the needs of your premises. For areas where floor space is limited, we can also supply ashtrays for mounting to a wall, rail or post. View our complete range of cigarette receptacles to browse the full selection.

Glasdon products aim to enhance safety and security wherever possible, which is why we use high rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance standards. Our range of free-standing smoking bins are no exception to this rule. Users can successfully stub out their used cigarette butts using the stubber plates and grilles before depositing them into the internal liners. Fire-resistant properties help to minimise fire risks and enhance safety, helping to reduce cigarette workplace litter in a safe and controlled manner.

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