Outdoor Poster Display Signs and Retail Storage Units

Catch the eyes of your passers-by and increase retail sales with these attractive, cost-effective and weatherproof poster display frames and retail storage units. Designed to encourage point-of-sale purchases, these products for retail are ideal for supermarkets, convenience and hardware stores and leisure sites to improve your customer shopping experience.

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The specially designed Mobile Basket Buddy™ is a highly visible solution which can be personalised with your logo and a message to encourage customers to pick up a basket. Its two rear-mounted wheels and integral handles make the unit easy to manoeuvre around the store. Additional health and safety features include a unique basket grip to secure a stack of baskets to the unit before moving. For stores with high volumes of footfall, Mobile Basket Buddy can be sited back-to-back with another Mobile Basket Buddy to save space.

Securely store and display products outside the front of your store or on your forecourt with the Orion™ Storage Unit. This large lockable storage and display unit is ideal for stocking wood, coal, lighter fluid, de-icer and car oils. It offers a practical solution that displays products effectively, allowing easy access and encourages your customers to buy. The Orion Storage Unit is also available with three cover options for 24-hour sites to hide contents from view providing extra security, as well as protecting from the outside elements.

The extremely durable Advocate™ floor standing poster display sign has been tested to hurricane wind speed and offers a long service life. The unit is stabilised with a large curved ballast base, which can be provided filled with water or sand to minimise the risk of the unit blowing over. For additional security two fixing points allow the base to be chained to post. The Advocate is also available as a single or double-sided pavement swing sign and its extra-large size makes it perfect to advertise your products or service outside shops, restaurants, leisure environments and on petrol forecourts.

Popular for use inside and outside cinemas and venues and facilities with high footfall, the Advocate™ wall mounted poster display sign is designed to boost awareness due to its large size. The outdoor poster holder is also easily interchangeable and ideal for areas where floor space is limited such as outside supermarkets, shops, health centres and in leisure environments.

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