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Highway Delineators

Glasdon bollards and verge markers / hazard markers are ideal delineators for highlighting road layouts in urban traffic environments and bends on rural or trunk roads. Our range includes options made from passively safe materials that will return to an upright position after impact. Our products are tested to the highest European standard to ensure they will cause no damage to a vehicle or its occupants in a collision, as required by many highways authorities for high-speed roads.

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For highlighting roundabouts and bends in the road, Glasdon innovative Chevroflex system is a self-righting, modular alternative to traditional steel chevron boards. Where metal signs create a significant potential hazard if struck, Chevroflex Ultra is made from specially engineered Impactaflex material, which will return to its original shape after a drive-through collision. The latest generation of Chevroflex has been independently tested and proven to be passively safe to BS EN 12767:2007 at Performance Standard NE3/100.

Glasdon also offer a range of sign carrying bollards to help warn, inform and protect road users, cyclists and pedestrians. Perfect for marking dedicated cycle paths and shared routes.

Alternatively a gateway sign feature at the entrance to your town/village makes a strong impression on drivers and is proven to reduce speeds. Replace the clutter of place names, speed limit changes and other road signs with a single Glasdon Gateway.

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