Recycling Receptacles for Schools and Classroom Recycling Bins

Improve recycling facilities at your school, college or university campus with the Glasdon range of recycling bins for schools. Select from single-stream, multi-stream or dual recycling containers to best accommodate your waste management needs.

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We’re here to help you create an effective recycling program for your school, college or university campus. With a variety of styles, sizes and capacities available, we’ve got everything you need to provide a recycling outlet for your students, teachers and faculty members alike. Choose from smaller bins perfect for siting in corridors and small classrooms, as well as large recycling bins for schools ideal for school halls and busy areas.

Construction from high-quality, durable materials ensures that our recycling receptacles for schools have the strength and longevity to withstand adverse weather conditions as well as any user misuse. Tamper proof and vandal proof, all of our containers require minimal maintenance providing a cost-effective solution to waste management. Our outdoor recycling bins for schools are no exception to this, and are best suited for placing outside school buildings, along footpaths and in outdoor break or lunch areas.

Our classroom recycling bins work well as standalone units, many of which can be sited under desks or deskside for added convenience. With a wide range of waste streams available including recycling bins for batteries, ink cartridges, paper waste and cell phones, you can be sure to find the right recycling solution for all areas of your college campus. Dedicated apertures and bright colours with recognisable graphics will ensure that your chosen containers are easily identifiable to help minimise cross-contamination levels.

Why not create a recycling station for your school by siting your Glasdon recycling containers side-by-side to form an attractive recycling bank? Site within areas of high footfall on campus to encourage students to recycle. For more helpful tips on how to boost your school recycling rates, view our guide to an eco-friendly campus.

Our recycling bins for schools feature areas for personalisation with your school name, logo or crest and can easily be co-ordinated with our purpose-designed school litter bins range. For more information, feel free to LiveChat with us today!

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