Turning Words into Action with Product Personalisation

A look into how we offer advanced levels of personalisation to help our customers turn powerful messages into positive action within their organisation.

Nexus Evolution City ACL Project

At Glasdon, we know that responsible waste management and recycling is critical to the environment, and recycling programmes will need to adapt over time. Which is why we are proudly confident in our ability to offer our customers the opportunities to create, design, and shape their waste management solutions to their requirements.

The inclusion of a logo, slogan, colour change, brand name, mission statement, or just a simple evocative message to invoke a positive reaction can transform a simple waste solution into an invaluable ally within a recycling programme.

It is the ideal way to convey a green message and the perfect way to encourage the use of the unit, and therefore increase recycling efforts within the organisation.

Modus™ Wheelie Bin Litter Housing with personalisation

How Can Product Personalisation be used to Improve Recycling?

Whilst personalisation is the ideal way to advertise or extend the organisation's brand identity, it can also prove to be an effective means to increase the use of the product and convey a clear and concise message of the organisation's environmental efforts or intentions. This can in turn improve recycling efforts within an organisation by creating a core principle to reduce their negative environmental impact.

The inclusion of a waste management solution that is attractive, bright, informative, and engaging to use can offer a much more user-friendly experience and encourage correct recycling. Signifying what exactly can and can't be recycled instantly helps users and most importantly reduces and can even eliminate the cross-contamination of recyclable waste.

With Net-Zero targets in the minds of many, now more than ever is the perfect time to demonstrate green intentions. The introduction of a personalised product is a great way to raise awareness and contribute towards zero carbon emissions on the Net-Zero journey.

Net Zero Emblem

A prime example would be to include a powerful message, statement, facts or figures that will help encourage a reduce, reuse and recycle motive. Another idea would be to include unique graphics of designated waste streams that can be easily identified by the users. Below we have listed some key components that can be included or adapted to enhance an organisation's environmental efforts and help meet Net Zero targets.

Waste Stream Graphics

Waste Stream Graphics

Creating and implementing your own unique waste graphics combined with brand colours and original fonts can carve out a clear message for how your organisation is going to recycle. We recommend opting for something recognisable and identifiable to ensure users know instantly where and which waste they can deposit.


Adding the organisation's logo is a simple way to build a sense of ownership and commitment around a waste management programme.

Colour Schemes

If our wide range of standard colours aren't quite what you are looking for, we offer the option to choose many of our products in a variety of non-standard colours - which is a great way to co-ordinate with a brand identity or internal colour scheme.

Full Body Graphics & Wraparounds

Electra™ Recycling Bin with full-body graphics

A truly impactful way of making your recycling bin stand out, encouraging use, and improve recycling efforts. Completely change the look and feel while boosting the purpose of the unit through a full-body vinyl wrap.

Polycarbonate Plaques with Personalisation

Polycarbonate Plaques, Poster Frame Kits & Sign Kits

Another way to personalise is to utilise the optional signage options available on many of our litter bins and recycling stations. Polycarbonate plaques, poster frame kits and rear fixed sign kits all offer the opportunity to add graphics, logos, messaging and more to really boost visibility of your scheme or advertisement.

Looking to create something completely unique? Talk to us today.

Achieving a Goal Through Personalisation

Creating environmental products with the opportunity for personalisation in mind is often at the forefront of our design process. Because of this, we offer a vast array of solutions which feature areas that can be personalised with graphics or signage.

Combo Personalisation
  • Litter and Recycling Bins/Wheelie Bin Housings
  • Seating
  • Water Safety Equipment
  • Buildings and Kiosks
  • Bollards
  • Gateways
  • Multi-Purpose Shelters

The majority of our products can be ordered with standard options such as different coloured body, slats, apertures, waste graphics, or the addition of sign kits. On the other hand, if you're looking for something a bit different, a large selection of our products can be taken one step further. All that's required is your imagination.

From highly customisable indoor recycling bins like the Nexus® Evolution Recycling Station and the Nexus® Style Recycling Bins, to more unconventionally personalised items like our Street Cleaning Orderly Barrows and the Guardian™ Lifebuoy Housing, there is something for everyone to personalise, here at Glasdon.

We also offer a free visualisation service where our in-house graphics team are on hand to prepare a visual of your desired product with chosen personalisation.

Take a look at our quick and handy guide to Personalisation and Branding with Glasdon.

Personalised JubileePersonalised Guardian

Personalised Topsy

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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