Heavy Duty and Commercial Snow Shovels

Clear snow efficiently with snow shovels and snow scoops by Glasdon. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, our heavy duty, snow clearing tools offer a long service life.

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As a leading winter safety equipment manufacturer, we supply specialised tools for easy and efficient snow clearing and gritting.

Our purpose-built, metal and plastic snow shovels are strong and sturdy and ideal for clearing snow in both large and small areas such as private roads, schools, hospitals, pavements, entrance areas, car parks and footpaths. Manufactured from high quality materials and designed to withstand extremes of temperature, they offer a long service life to get you through many cold winter months.

Glasdon snow shovels and scoops are ideal for clearing and pushing snow on private roads, pavements, entrance areas and in school and hospital grounds.

As well as providing an excellent solution to snow removal, our plastic and metal snow shovels and dispenser scoop can be used for general purposes all year round, alongside our full range of grit storage bins.

Be confident that you’re prepared for keeping your premises clear of snow and ice. Our specialists are on hand to provide guidance when choosing the right product for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our LiveChat feature today!

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