Commercial Restaurant Trash Cans and Cafeteria Waste Receptacles

Purposely designed for the catering industry, Glasdon commercial restaurant trash cans are ideal for fast-food diners, cafeterias, food courts and any areas where food is prepared or consumed. The easy to use foot pedals, tray holders and large apertures make food waste disposal effortless and hygienic.

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Food waste can make a large contribution to the amount of waste an organisation generates. Ideal for fast-food diners, cafeterias and drive-thru car parks, our commercial kitchen trash cans are designed to encourage correct trash disposal and food waste diversion. These large multi-purpose cafeteria waste receptacles are smooth, easy to clean and their excellent durability makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

You can choose between fast food trash receptacles with lid-operated foot pedals or with aperture flaps to help maintain hygiene and sanitation levels. Large apertures help to guide food waste into the trash can, whilst recognisable decals make them easily identifiable for users.

Our commercial kitchen garbage cans are available with a variety of different features including liquid reservoirs. These liquid-catching containers with integrated drip trays can hold large volumes of liquid, to minimise cross-contamination. We also offer a range of dedicated cup waste bins with internal cup stacking features and liquid side pods to create an all-in-one, space saving unit in your catering environment.

For fast-food diners and food courts, our trash receptacles for restaurants are available with tray holders or shelves to encourage guests to return their trays and deposit their trash after eating.

Looking to take food waste off your restaurant menu and become a ‘zero-waste’ commercial kitchen? View our guide on how you can cater for food waste for some helpful ideas.

The variety of styles, capacities and personalisation options available in our restaurant garbage bins range ensures that we will have a trash can to suit your location. For a wider selection of internal and external commercial waste containers, browse our full trash cans range.

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