Which is best for me - Mixed Recyclables or individual bins for each stream?

More and more of our customers are asking us this, and the answer is more complex than you'd think. Let's start by looking at what each option means.

Mixed recyclables - also known as co-mingled or commingled recycling, this is everything you can recycle thrown into the same bin.

Source-separated streams - each recyclable is collected individually and stays separated all the way through the recycling process.

Segregated recycling collection is proven to have much lower contamination rates than commingled - in UK materials recycling facilities (MRFs) that handle mixed collections, the rate of wastage can be up to 15 per cent, compared to less than 1 per cent for source separated schemes. Recycling collections are typical compacted after collection, which can make separating some materials impossible.

Mixed Recyclables bins are an excellent choice where space is at a premium, and that 85 per cent recycling rate is higher than you would see with no recycling bins at all. Remember that to minimise contamination, we would always recommend using a general waste bin in partnership with the mixed recycling container - we sell a wide range of co-ordinating products in sizes from 30-1280 litres, so there's a bin at Glasdon for all locations.

If you're considering mixed recycling, be sure to check with your service provider first as many waste management companies may have concerns about post-collection separating.

If you'd prefer source separated, but still have concerns about floor space in your workplace, here's a couple of tips:

Multi-stream bins offer the space-saving style of a mixed recycling container but keep two (or three) different recycling streams separated within the bin. An attractive bin like Nexus® 100 Duo or Envoy Duo can be specced to collect any two recycling streams - we sell a number of popular configurations here on our website, but we can personalise your bin to recycle (almost) anything.

Central recycling points are a great way to collect large amounts of recycling without installing (and emptying) dozens or hundreds of bins. You'd be surprised where you have space in corridors or near communal areas for a bank of larger units like the Nexus® 140 Recycling Bin.

Monday, July 2, 2012

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