Manual Gritters and Walk Behind Salt Spreaders

For fast and effective gritting, choose from the Glasdon range of walk behind, push salt spreaders. These manual gritters are ideal for use with rock salt or ice melt and offer a low maintenance solution for coverage over wider areas.

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Gritting pathways and roads is essential for the safety of staff, customers and visitors moving around your facilities and sites during winter.

Spreading grit or ice melt by hand may not always be practical and can lead to inconsistent coverage. Manual gritters are ideal for car parks, footpaths, drive-ways and pavements as they require minimum effort and can spread wet or dry grit salt effectively.

Glasdon manual salt spreaders offer two methods of spreading; drop spreading and broadcast spreading. The Icemaster 50™ features an adjustable dosing mechanism which controls how much road salt is released. The speed and width of the scattering depends on the speed at which the spreader is pushed. Alternatively, the larger capacity Turbocast™ 300 is a multi-functional gritter offering controlled drop spreading along with broadcast spreading for widths ranging between 3 and 7 metres. Use this walk behind spreader to grit wider surfaces such as playgrounds and courtyards with ease.

We also offer towable salt spreaders that are perfect for larger areas such as car parks and small side roads. These can be operated by a car, truck, quad-bike or any appropriate vehicle fitted with a tow bar. Need some help choosing the right gritter? Read our Guide to Grit Spreaders or talk to one of our advisors today.

Glasdon products are manufactured with quality materials and built to withstand adverse weather conditions. Rigorous quality control testing ensures excellent durability and strength, so you can guarantee that your manual rock salt spreader will make it through many harsh winters.

As well as our impressive range of spreaders, we offer an extensive range of winter safety equipment from snow shovels to grit bins, to ensure your premises is fully prepared for the winter months.

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