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Manual Salt / Grit Spreaders

Glasdon produce a range of salt spreaders including walk-behind and towable options. Our grit salt spreading solutions are perfect for use by Local Authorities. They can be used to grit city centres, Hospitals, small to medium size industrial sites and schools.

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More information about Glasdon Salt Spreaders

Gritting pathways and roads is an important part of staying safe during Winter. When it comes to gritting large areas doing it by hand is not an option as this can yield inconsistent results. Our grit spreading devices are engineered for specific purposes. The two main groups are broadcast spreading and drop spreading. The broadcast spreaders we offer cover a wide area with an even and consistent layer of grit salt. The drop spreaders provide an accurate and consistent flow of grit salt at a defined width.

There are two different types of grit spreaders we offer. The first being manual grit spreaders (also known as walk-behind spreaders). These give you the freedom to grit entrance halls, pavements and footpaths. As they are operated on foot. We also offer towable spreaders that are perfect for larger areas such as car parks and small side roads. These can be operated by a car, truck, quad-bike or any appropriate vehicle fitted with a tow bar.

Just like our salt spreaders, all Glasdon products are heavy duty and built to withstand adverse weather conditions. So you can guarantee that your rock salt spreader will make it through many harsh winters.

As well as our impressive range of spreaders we also offer lightweight snow shovels and grit bins.