Dog Poo Litter Bins & Pet Waste Stations

To help keep sidewalks and open park spaces free from dog waste, we supply extremely strong and durable dog waste bins. Designed to be wall, rail or post-mounted, these pet waste stations are perfect for outdoor use in locations such as bark parks, public areas and leisure sites.

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Glasdon pet waste stations are ideal for reducing dog mess in public areas by offering a sanitary solution to disposing of dog waste safely.

Our strong, hard-wearing dog litter bins require minimal maintenance and are ideal for unsupervised areas where there is a high volume of domestic pet waste. Manufactured from high quality, robust materials, these dog bins are designed to withstand difficult weather conditions and are vandal and corrosion resistant, providing a long service life.

Available in a variety of bold, eye-catching colour options, our pet waste stations feature contemporary designs to easily complement existing landscapes. Sizeable capacities reduce the frequent need for emptying whilst minimising the risk of overflowing. Clear decals on the dog poo bins help to ensure that approaching dog owners can distinguish between pet waste stations and regular trash cans, encouraging correct pet waste disposal.

Enhance your chosen pet waste station with a dog lead hook to allow dog owners to safely tether their four-legged friends whilst tending to their waste. Parks will often combine the use of dog waste containers with external litter bins to ensure a trash-free zone.

Our dog waste containers feature closed apertures to maintain maximum hygiene levels, lock in odours and prevent rainwater from pooling inside the container. The Retriever City™ Dog Waste Bin also features an integrated dog poop bag dispenser, making it ideal for parks to encourage users to scoop, bag and trash their animal’s mess.

Unsure what qualities to look for in a pet waste station? View our guide on how to choose a dog waste bin to help you find the best animal waste solution for your environment.

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