Focus on Parks

Parks are places that bring enjoyment to people of all ages. At Glasdon we provide a range of products to enhance that enjoyment.

Minimise litter in your park by using clearly sign-posted bins and placing them in high foot traffic locations. You can choose from either a litter bin to collect general waste or one of our dedicated recycling bins to encourage visitors to recycle their waste, such as plastic bottles.

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We know dog waste in inevitable in any park however, it isn’t something you want leaving on the ground. Our dog bins are fitted with clear graphics for ease of use and they feature a flip lid to help keep odours inside the bin.

Our park seats and benches can provide much needed respite for adults and children alike. We have a wide range of seating from our contemporary Venturo™ bench to our classic looking Phoenix Jubilee™ seat. We are sure to have the perfect seating for you.

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