The Nestor 90 is a compact salt and grit bin featuring a robust double-skinned lid and durable construction, this plastic grit bin is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions while requiring minimum maintenance.

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Nestor 90 is a compact, space-saving grit bin ideal for use where space is limited or only a small amount of grit/salt is required.

Nestor 90 offers a 90-litre capacity with a robust Durapol™ construction and tough knuckle & rod hinge design. The bin features a recess in the base that allows it to be easily moved with a sack truck, even when full.

Nestor 90 is available with either a plain lid or embossed with a grit/salt legend.

Design Features
  • Strong knuckle hinge with GRP hinge rod.
  • Robust double-skinned lid.
  • Fully opening lid.
  • Large aperture with low front lip for easy access.
  • Drainage channel prevents rainwater entry.
  • Base recess allows lifting with a sack truck.
  • Can be stacked up to 5 bins high for storage.
Colours: Yellow, Deep Green.
Body & lid: Durapol™
Capacity: 90ltr
Length: 661mm
Height: 624mm
Width: 537mm
Weight capacity: 125kg loose grit (approx. 4 x 25kg bags)
Area of coverage: 2,500m² @ 50gms/m²
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