Are you aware we can Personalise your Grit Bins?

Surrey County Council looked to Glasdon when they decided it was time to get prepared for the winter ahead.

They chose the Nestor™ 400 Grit Bin as the perfect winter safety product for the streets of Surrey. Designed to be hard wearing, these robust plastic grit bins have a large capacity and can be stacked for ease of storage and transportation.

See how these grit storage boxes stand up to wear and tear during our thorough product testing videos.

Glasdon offer a full personalisation service for any of our grit bins. Personalisation can be anything from your existing logo to having a message designed by our in house graphics team.

To make your Grit Salt Bin stand out from the rest, talk to a member of our team now - by calling +44 1253 600435, by emailing or simply use the live chat feature.

Are you aware we can Personalise your Grit Bins?
Monday, November 28, 2016

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