Guide to Grit Bins

Glasdon guide to grit bins bannerYour choice of grit bin will depend on the capacity you need in relation to the area you are trying to cover. Questions to ask include:
  • How big an area is the grit bin serving?
  • What type of area is it and how often does grit salt need to be applied?
  • Who is doing the gritting?
Nestor Grit Bin in yellow

We offer a range of grit salt storage solutions from 90L to 800L. Our larger grit bins are perfect for those large surface areas that need constant attention such as: schools, retail parks and local authorities. Examples of these are the Nestor™ 400 grit bin which has a 400ltr capacity and the Orbistor™ grit bin which has an 800ltr capacity.

Our smaller Grit Bins are perfect for harder to reach areas but need an equal amount of attention such as: footpaths/walkways, car parks and driveways. Examples of these are the Rollastor™ Portable Grit Bin which has a 110ltr capacity and the Nestor™ 90 Grit Bin which has a 90ltr capacity.

Grit Salt Storage Solutions

Glasdon grit bins are designed to ensure that the rock salt is stored away from the elements and can be accessed & scattered easily. Our smaller capacity products can be manoeuvred manually even when full, with drainage mechanisms to keep the rock salt free of water.

Our larger capacity grit bins are also specially designed to keep the water out of its contents, and wind resistant to keep the weather from damaging the product itself.


We also offer different Options with different Grit Bins:

  • Colour
  • Fixing
  • Lid
  • Lock
  • Personalisation and branding

Coordinating Products

Glasdon also have a range of products that can help to ensure your personal safety when you are on the job. Such as:

You can also check out our guide to salt spreaders if you are looking for an easy way to spread your grit salt. We offer both, towable gritter and manual salt spreaders.

For further information please contact our friendly sales team via the live chat feature at the bottom of this page or by calling us on +44 1253 600435.

Monday, September 18, 2017

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