Nexus® 360 Mixed Recyclables Recycling Bin

Lets you collect multiple streams in a single container.

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Nexus 360 is the best choice for large volume outdoor recycling schemes. Nexus 360 Mixed Recyclables Bin collects multiple streams in a single container.

Nexus 360 Recycling Bin houses a 240-litre or 360-litre wheelie bin. The curved design of the Nexus 360 prevents litter being piled on top, and the integrally-moulded ridges deter flyposting. An overhanging aperture shelf ensures that all recyclable material ends up in the wheelie bin and not on the floor of the housing.

Nexus 360's door is extremely tough, with a 5-point interlocking slam-shut design that lifts up to open. The gravity-assisted closing ensures it won't be left accidentally unlocked. The body of the bin features a smooth base ramp to ease the wheelie bin in and out, and special wheel-locating grooves in the floor make sure the wheelie bin goes back in the right place every time.

We recommend that a risk assessment is undertaken to identify an appropriate location for your waste collection and recycling units. In order to reduce risk, some organisations decide to place the units a minimum of 5 metres away from buildings. Any potential risk can be further reduced by maintaining a regime of regularly emptying the unit. You may also wish to consider installing a Glasdon FireSafe.

Design Features
  • Houses a 240 litre or 360 litre wheeled container.
  • Double-skinned 5-point interlocking slam-shut door.
  • Integrally-moulded anti-flyposting ridges.
  • Extended aperture ledge.
  • Base ramp.
  • A3 poster frame kit with Recycle Now graphics.
Bin Body & Door: Black, Anthracite Grey
Aperture Panel & Poster Frame: Lime Green or Orange
Bin body and door: Durapol®
Height: 1512mm
Width: 835mm
Depth: 1071mm
Capacity: 240L or 360L
Weight: 50kg
Nexus 360 Product Testing
Glasdon FireSafe (Nexus 360) Product Testing
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