Nexus® 140 Plastic Bottle Recycling Bin

Can hold up to 100 500ml plastic drinks bottles as standard.

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Graphic Holder
Graphic Holder
(Other colors and graphic options are available.)

Nexus 140 Plastic Bottle Recycling Bin is the best choice for recycling schemes that need to collect a large volume of plastic bottles. Nexus 140 Plastic Bottle Recycling Bin can hold up to 100 x 500ml plastic drinks bottles as standard. This large capacity recycling container is ideal for workplace break areas, and school canteens.

Nexus 140's large capacity makes it ideal for central recycling points or high-traffic locations. Colour-coded aperture panels and clear graphics make the bins easily identifiable.

Nexus 140 has a fully removable door, which minimises the need to lift sacks during emptying. An optional wheel kit is available to help transport heavier loads a short distance to collection areas.

Design Features
  • Sack retention system.
  • Removable door.
  • Moulded-in skirting board recess.
Bin Body & Door: Cool Light Grey, Dark Blue, Red, Black & Deep Green
Aperture: Red, Yellow or Orange
Bin body & door: Durapol®
Sack retention system: Stainless steel
Height: 1195mm
Width: 595mm
Depth: 606mm
Capacity: 140 litres
Weight: 22kg
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