Our Nexus™ 140's create a buzz at General Electric Company

General Electric Company (GEC) is a multinational conglomerate that manufactures products for the generation and distribution of electricity. The company operates through various industry segments including power & water, oil & gas, aviation and healthcare and has recently re-located its headquarters to Boston, Massachusetts.

Nexus 140 recycling bins
Nexus™ 140 Recycling Bins in GE Exhibition

After much consideration, GEC selected our popular Nexus™ 140 recycling Bins in five different waste streams in order to provide the necessary receptacles to improve their recycling rates. GEC were able to personalise one of their recycling containers with a non-standard stream – Loose Styrofoam® packaging – which was a great opportunity to start recycling such a common material found in their workplace environment. Custom graphics were also added to their cans and bottles recycling container to indicate their ongoing redemption recycling scheme.

Nexus 140 recycling bins
Nexus™ 140 Recycling Containers in GE Exhibition

We were pleased to collaborate with such a successful multinational to help improve their recycling rates & hope to deal with them again soon.

Design features of the Nexus™ 140 Recycling Bins

Nexus 140 aluminium cans recycling bin

Features a large capacity

Constructed from Durapol™ - a hard-wearing polymer

Removable door for ease of emptying

Great for communal areas

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor application

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Monday, February 6, 2017
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