This can recycling housing unit is extremely robust and easy to clean. The large capacity and clear recycling graphics make it suitable for outside offices, residential buildings and supermarkets.

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Nexus® City 140 Can recycling bin is part of a new range of dedicated recycling containers with brightly coloured apertures and graphics, designed so that they stand out as a recycling unit. A new brightly coloured hood is used to transform the Nexus® City Food Waste Unit into a sleek and stylish recycling bin to help encourage recycling and minimise cross contamination of waste.

Constructed from double skinned Durapol™, the Nexus® City 140 Recycling hoods are extremely robust and will withstand heavy use and operator misuse. The material is vandal and weather resistant offering a long life and minimal maintenance.

The Nexus® City 140 and 240 are designed to help with the issue of on-street recycling by creating an obvious and noticeable recycling point.

Design Features
  • Houses a 140 litre wheeled container. What is this?
  • Curved sloping hood prevents waste being left on top of the bin. What is this?
  • Dedicated aperture to minimise to risk of cross contamination. What is this?
  • Large, clear graphics promote correct use. What is this?
  • Smooth surfaces inside and out make cleaning the housing a simple task. What is this?
  • Double-skinned construction adds stability and strength to ensure a long service life. What is this?
  • 5-point interlocking slam-shut door is robust and secure. What is this?
  • Base ramp makes it easy to roll a wheeled container in and out of the housing. What is this?
  • A3 Poster Frame Kit give more flexibility for graphics. What is this?
  • Personalisation is available, please contact us for details.

Bin body & door: Anthracite Grey or Black (contains recycled material).
Bin body & Door: Durapol™

Hood: Durapol™

Graphics: Laminated Vinyl, High Tac Adhesive

Height (Including Hood): 1565mm.
Height (Excluding Hood): 1280mm.
Hood Width: 420mm.
Width: 735mm.
Depth: 720mm.
Weight Bin: 25kg.
Weight Bin and Ballast: 65kg.
Liner Capacity: 140 litres.
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