Ideal for external housing estates, parks and other dog fouling areas, the Retriever 60 outdoor dog waste bin is weather resistant and can be wall or post mounted.

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The Retriever 60 Dog Waste Bin, available in deep green or red as standard, is an easily identifiable dog waste container designed to encourage users to clean up after their dogs.

Complete with a secure metal chute system and a large 60-litre capacity, the Retriever 35 is a hygienic solution to dog waste and will help to trap in any unwanted odours whilst minimising the risk of overflow. The triangular DIN lock ensures added resistance to vandalism and unauthorised access.

The robust and durable construction of this dog waste bin provides weather-resistance, ensuring a long-service life with minimal maintenance required.

The Retriever 60 is supplied with a ‘Dog Waste Only’ logo as standard, as well as fixings for post or wall mounting. The contemporary design of this dog waste bin makes it suitable for a variety of outdoor locations including recreational areas, parks and any public areas where pets are permitted.

Design Features
  • Ultra-destruct 'Dog Waste Only' logo
  • Triangular DIN lock - key to open, slam to lock
  • Sack retention system
  • Fixings for wall mounting
Bin: Red, Deep Green  What is this?
Lid: Grey
Product Options
  • Fixing Options:  What is this?
    Wall Mounting Fixing Kit
    Extended Base Post Fixing Kit
    Ground lock™ Fixing System
  • Ground Lock fixing tool  What is this?
Bin body: Durapol™ material
Chute: Polyester powder coated mild steel
Capacity: 60 litres
Height: 710mm
Width: 520mm
Depth: 440mm
Weight: 10.5kg
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