This dog poo bin combines a sack dispenser and disposal system in one. This creates the ideal external pet waste removal solution for parks and attractions.

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The Retriever City Dog Waste Bin offers an integrated sack dispenser and chute operating system within one unit whilst maintaining a small footprint.

Available in a wide range of colour options including black, deep green, red and anthracite grey, this dog waste bin will stand out from its surroundings to encourage passing dog owners to deposit any waste.

The self-returning aperture helps to trap in unwanted odours and the door-opening design provides easy access when emptying and cleaning. Made from corrosion and weather-resistant Durapol™ material, this dog waste bin requires minimal maintenance and is ideal for keeping streets clean in urban areas.

With a variety of fixing options available including wall or post mounting as well as ground fixings, the Retriever City is the ideal solution to pet waste to suit any external location.

When purchased in the black model, this litter bin contains 15% recycled content.

Design Features
  • Integral dispenser allows only one sack to be taken at a time
  • Secure, tamper-resistant chute system
  • Extremely robust body and door
  • Clear graphics encourage correct use
  • Secure, vandal-resistant locking mechanism
  • Door-opening design provides easy access for removal and replacement of sacks
  • Space-saving narrow footprint
Bin: Black (15% Recycled Content), Anthracite Grey, Deep Green, Red  What is this?
Product Options
  • Dog Lead Hook  What is this?
  • Chute Lock
  • Ground Fixing Options:  What is this?
    Concrete Foundation Fixing Bolts (A)
    Paving Slab Fixing Bolts (B)
    Concrete-in Anchors (Adjustable Depth) (C)
    Ground lock™ Fixing System (E)
  • Ground Lock fixing tool  What is this?
  • Polycarbonate Baseplate Fixing Kit  What is this?
  • Wall/Post Fixing Options:  What is this?
    Wall Mounting Fixing Kit
    Post Mounting Brackets (Banding Kit Required)
  • Banding Kit for Post Mounting:  What is this?
    Tamtorque Banding Kit to fit post diameter 70-100mm
    Tamtorque Banding Kit to fit post diameter 130-190mm
    Tespa Banding Kit c/w Fixing Tool (for 15-25 bins)
  • Tamtorque Power Tool Bit  What is this?
Bin body & door: Durapol material
Capacity: 35 litres
Height: 1142mm
Width: 439mm
Depth: 348mm
Weight: 14kg
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