The Glasdon Jubilee™ 240 is a large capacity wheelie bin housing which provides secure cover for a 240 litre wheelie bin or up to 300 litre sack. With four long and wide apertures, this general waste model provides a versatile solution for on-street recycling and schemes in parks and public spaces.

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The Glasdon Jubilee™ 240 litre wheelie bin housing joins the Glasdon Jubilee™ range of classically designed litter and recycling bins which includes the Glasdon Jubilee™ 110 and the Streamline Jubilee™ models.

Design Features
  • Larger capacity to help remove the sight of overflowing litter in busy locations and reduce collection costs:
    Houses a standard 240 litre wheelie bin or 300 litre sack (with sack retention system), to collect more waste and reduce frequency of waste collections.
  • Improve operator safety:
    Mechanical emptying reduces manual handling issues.
    New larger recessed lifting handle for gloved hands ensures safer opening with efficient slam shut action to close the door. What is this? Recessed handle and Tri Key opening
  • Increase correct disposal:
    Traditional appearance and choice of easily identifiable labelling What is this? Identifiable Labelling along with four apertures makes it attractive and easy to use for the general public.
  • Reduce maintenance costs:
    Manufactured from recyclable Durapol™ polymer for long service life.
    Durapol™ will not chip or rust, is easy to clean and the unique ribbed design deters flyposting. What is this? Durapol™ material with unique ribbed design
    Unique 3 point interlocking system ensures wheelie bin is secure.
  • Co-ordinate your street scene furniture:
    Glasdon Jubilee™ 240 joins the Glasdon Jubilee™ litter and recycling bin range.
  • Personalisation and Branding:
    We design with personalisation in mind, providing you with the flexibility to add your corporate logo or message onto the areas highlighted opposite.
    A3 poster kits are also available with this product offering you the option to change campaign messages more frequently. Why not add a map or transport information? What is this? A3 Poster Frame Kit
Housing Body and Door: Black (15% Recycled Content)
    Please note: other colours are available subject to a minimum order quantity.
Standard General Waste Graphics: White
Product Options
  • 240L Wheelie Bin or Sack Retention System
  • Fixing Options What is this? Ground Fixings
    Ground fixing bolts (Concrete foundation fixing)
    Ground fixing bolts (Paving slab fixing)
    Internal concrete ballast (19kg)
    Concrete-in adjustable depth anchors
  • Optional A3 Poster Frame kit What is this? Poster Frame Kit
  • Aperture Flaps What is this? Aperture Flaps
Durapol™ (contains recycled material and is 100% recyclable at the end of service life)
Height: 1510mm
Width: 843mm
Depth: 866mm
Capacity: 240 Litre Wheelie Bin or 300 Litre Sack
Weight: Bin Housing - 40kg, Wheelie Bin - 12.7kg, Sack Retention - 3.5kg
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