Envoy™ Plastic Bottle Recycling Bin - 90 Ltr

Supplied in bright red with large graphics and holds up to 100 standard bottles.

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The versatile Envoy Recycling Bin System is a one-stop solution to your recycling needs. Envoy Plastic Bottle Recycling Bin is supplied in bright red with co-ordinating graphics and can collect up to 100 standard drinks bottles.

Envoy D-shaped recycling bins are designed to take up minimal space and can be sited against a wall or the end of a desk. Two units could be sited back-to-back in the space of one standard round bin, or a cluster-of-three configuration could be used to create a compact recycling centre.

Envoy is available in a choice of body colours that will co-ordinate with any environment.

Envoy Recycling Bins can be supplied in two heights: an 860mm unit with 110L capacity, or a reduced, desk height bin 730mm high (90L capacity). This flexibility lets you co-ordinate bins across your site and helps to reinforce your recycling message.

This recycling bin for plastic bottles and beverage containers is ideal to be situated by vending machines, in canteens or cafeterias and break areas.

When purchased in the black model, this recycling bin contains 15% recycled content.

Non-standard graphic options are available with this product through our Personalisation Service. Please contact us today.

Design Features
  • 90mm circular aperture.
  • Recycle Now graphics.
Bin Body: Red, Deep Green, Dark Blue, Black (15% Recycled Content), Millstone & Sandstone
Bin body: Durapol™
Height: 730mm
Width: 540mm
Depth: 375mm
Capacity: 90 litres
Weight: 5.5kg
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