Nexus® Shuttle Food Recycling Waste Bin

The ultimate dedicated food waste bin.

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Nexus Shuttle is the ultimate dedicated food waste bin.

Nexus Shuttle Catering Waste Bin is ideal for use in commercial kitchens, canteens, cafes and any other areas where food is prepared and/or consumed.

The large aperture and foot pedal operation help to ensure the quick, easy and hygienic disposal of food waste.

Nexus Shuttle Catering Waste Bin has been designed to fit under worktops when not in use, maximising floor space.

Nexus Shuttle Catering Waste Bin is manufactured from Durapol® Material, offering exceptional strength and durability, and smooth contours allow for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

Design Features
  • Allows for different methods of collecting waste.
  • Quick and easy to empty - reduces manual handling problems.
  • Manufactured from Durapol Material, offering exceptional strength and durability.
  • Lightweight structure allows the user to easily manoeuvre the unit.
  • Smooth contours ensure there are no dirt traps and allow for easy cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Lid overlaps the bin body to help contain any odours from within the bin.
  • Lid stay mechanism enables quick and easy access for cleaning and emptying, and the soft, 'slow-closing lid' mechanism ensures the lid always closes with minimal noise.
  • Robust stainless steel hinge rod and hinge mechanism.
  • Lid override mechanism allows the lid to be propped open during busy shifts.
  • Tough, reinforced foot pedal meets food hygiene regulations and increases efficiency.
  • Solid liner can be stacked for ease of storage and transportation.
  • Solid liner features a curved base and smooth surfaces that offer an easy to clean hygienic design.
  • Liner lid seals the liner and ensures waste is contained until emptying.
  • Moulded liner handles provide a comfortable grip for the user.
  • Liner wheels allow the user to easily manoeuvre and empty the unit.
  • Sack retention capacity can be set to 30, 40 or 60 litres.
  • Quick and easy to empty or replace the sack.
  • Sack retention bands hold the sack neatly in place.
  • A removable sack support shelf acts as a drip tray, collecting in any waste liquid from the sack and ensures it sits neatly.
Bin body/aperture/bin lid: Durapol Material.
Foot pedal: Glass-Reinforced Nylon.
Hinge mechanism: Stainless Steel.
Solid liner/liner lid: Durapol Material.
Sack retention bands: PVC.
Shelf/Drip tray/Shelf brackets: Durapol Material.
Sack-retaining bar: PVC.
Feet: Non-marking Rubber.
Height: 862mm.
Width: 452mm.
Depth: 441mm.
Weight (solid liner model): 8kg.
Weight (sack retention model c/w one shelf): 5.5kg.
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