Walk with confidence on ice and snow - in almost any shoe or boot.

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Glasdon Ice Grips are dual traction (with toughened steel spikes and carbide steel spiral wire) so they can be used on snow and ice. They provide extra grip and confidence when walking on frozen pavements.

Easy to fit, Glasdon Ice Grips are available in 2 sizes and are suitable for most shoes or boots. They can be easily carried in a pocket or bag, ready to use when needed.

Glasdon Ice Grips are suitable for use at temperatures as low as -40C.

Design Features
  • Durable rubber toe retainer.
  • Additional rubber grip areas.
  • Toughened steel spikes for ice grip.
  • Carbide steel spiral wire for snow grip.
Spikes and spiral wire: Steel
Grip areas: Rubber
UK Men's: 6-10 (Large), 10-13 (X-Large)
UK Women's: 6-10 (Large), 10-13 (X-Large)
Euro Men's: 39-46 (Large), 46-48 (X-Large)
Euro Women's: 39-46 (Large), 46-48 (X-Large)
US Men's: 7-12 (Large), 12-14 (X-Large)
US Women's: 8-13 (Large), 13-15 (X-Large)
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