A cost effective traditional outdoor seat, perfectly designed for parks, seafronts or any outdoor public spaces. This heritage bench with stylish cast recycled aluminium seat ends and durable slats, is corrosion resistant and offers minimal maintenance.

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Designed to co-ordinate with existing street furniture and traditional designs, this durable outdoor seat is ideal for siting around recreational areas, heritage sites, coastal locations or town centres.

The Lowther seat comprises of corrosion / weather resistant cast aluminium ends with Armortec™ coating, a durable paint finish which limits the impact of scratches, offering long lasting outdoor seating with minimal maintenance.

The unique, Armortec coated, L-shaped steel support frame and rigid construction provides overall strength and vandal resistance, making the seat stronger and reduces bowing (not applicable to models purchased with Vandalex slats).

Lowther seat is available with a wide selection of slat colours/finishes, utilising Enviropol™, Timberpol™ or Vandalex™ material, providing 6 different models to choose from. Our Vandalex slats provide excellent fire resistance when compared to standard wooden benches.

As with most Glasdon street furniture, this outdoor bench with armrests allows for personalisation, with a choice of rectangular or circular areas to include your crest or logo, as well as the option to incorporate a commemorative / memorial plaque if required.

**Concrete surface fixing bolts come as standard. (Please refer to our fixing instructions here)

The Lowther Seat is also available as a smaller single seat model.

Optional personalised rectangular graphics or circular plaques with graphics can be supplied with the seat (as shown below) - please contact us for more information

lowther seat personalised plaque areas
Design Features
  • Cost effective polymer/metal seat
  • Armortec coated aluminium seat ends (contains recycled content)  What is this? Recycled Aluminium Ends
  • Rigid L-shaped steel support frame (not applicable to models purchased with Vandalex slats)
  • Durable Armortec finish  What is this? Durable Armortec Finish
  • Vandal-resistant, robust design
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Plastic anti-vandal cover caps on Enviropol and Timberpol slats as standard  What is this? Anti-vandal caps
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Large selection of slats options
  • Traditional styling
  • Co-ordinates with other Glasdon street furniture
  • Vandalex slats provide excellent fire resistance when compared to standard wooden benches.
  • A stainless steel commemorative plaque can be supplied with the seat - please contact us for more information
Slat colour options  What is this? Colour Options
  • Enviropol: Black or Brown
  • Timberpol: Light Brown or Dark Grey Wood Effect
  • Vandalex: Black, Dark Wood, Light Wood
  • Frame: Black
    Seat Ends: Black or Green
    Product Options
    • Available with a wide range of slats  What is this? Slats
    • Fixing Tamper-Resistant Cover Kit  What is this? Fixing Tamper-Resistant Cover Kit
    • Fixing Options What is this? Ground Fixings
      • Concrete surface fixing bolts
      • Paving slab fixing kit
      • Below-ground anchor kit
    • Commemorative plaque (150 x 40mm)  What is this? Commemorative plaque
    Slats: Timberpol material, Enviropol material or Vandalex material.
    Support Frame: Steel with Armortec coating.
    Seat Ends: Cast aluminium with Armortec coating
    With 10 Enviropol or 10 Timberpol Slats:
    Length: 1903mm
    Depth: 584mm
    Seat Height: 430mm
    Overall Height: 830mm
    Total weight including;
    • Enviropol slats: 65kg
    • Timberpol slats: 75kg

    With 6 Vandalex Slats:
    Length: 1895mm
    Depth: 584mm
    Seat Height: 429mm
    Overall Height: 830mm
    Total weight: 42kg
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