The Invicta is a traditionally styled outdoor metal litter bin which is ideal for most external areas such as parks, schools and leisure sites. The use of high quality materials provides weather and corrosion resistance and a long service life.

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The Invicta Litter Bin is manufactured from 2mm thick mild steel with Armortec™ coating which offers a strong and robust construction.

The Armortec™ coating provides additional weather and corrosion resistance compared to standard powder coating methods.

This use of high quality materials offers excellent resistance to coastal sea spray and annual road gritting salt, minimising the requirement of refurbishment and maintenance.

Ideal for any external environments such as recreational areas, parks and town centres, the Invicta has a large capacity and four large apertures for ease of use and less frequent emptying.

This metal litter bin offers large personalisation areas for your organisations logo or branding.

Ground fixing bolts for concrete are supplied as standard.

Design Features
  • Traditional style to co–ordinate with any environment.  What is this?
  • Strong and robust Amortec™ Coated steel construction for long service life.  What is this?
  • Four large apertures so litter can be deposited from all sides.  What is this?
  • Sloped aperture shelf to prevent litter build up.  What is this?
  • Large capacity durapol or galvanised liner.  What is this?
  • Full length door for ease of access to the liner and safe manual handling.  What is this?
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel hinge and lock mechanism.
  • Anti–burst slam lock which is easy and quick to use.
  • Chamfered hood to provide strength and deter litter being placed on the hood.  What is this?
  • Personalisation areas for your logo or branding.  What is this?
  • Optional hood mounted ashtray and stubber plate.  What is this?
  • Robust base and raised liner shelf.  What is this?
  • Polymer base tray for ease of cleaning and corrosion provension.  What is this?

Colour: Black.

Product Options
  • Liner:
    Metal Liner
    Moulded Plastic Liner
  • Smoking Control:  What is this?
    Aluminium stubber plate in Gold or Gun Metal Grey
    Aluminium ashtray in Gold or Gun Metal Grey
  • Fixing Options:
    Concrete Foundation Fixing Bolts
    Paving Fixing Kit
    Concrete-in Anchor (adjustable depth)
Bin body and door – 2mm thick mild steel with Armotec® coating
Bin base and plinth – 5mm thick mild steel with Armotec® coating
Base tray – Durapol™ material (contains recycled material)  What is this?
Liner – Zinc–coated steel or Durapol™
Hinge and Lock – Stainless Steel
Liner Capacity: 110 litres
Bin Volume: 120 litres
Height: 1060mm
Width and depth: 530mm
Weight without liner: 51.5kg
Weight with liner: 58kg
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Glasdon International | Environmental Testing | Invicta™ litter bin material