Keyed vs. Keyless

Glasdon hooded litter bins are available with keyed locks, keyless opening systems, or in some cases a choice of either.

Keyed locks are specified almost by default by some of our customers, and offer a visible means of security - the presence of a keyed lock deters unauthorised access attempts.

Keyless opening systems are quick and easy to open. For local authority operatives who may have a number of styles of litter bin to look after, a bin with keyless opening is one less key to carry around, one less to remember what it does, and one less to potentially lose and have to replace.

Keyless opening is available as standard on the Plaza™ and Mini Plaza™ Litter Bins, and as a no-cost option on the Topsy 2000™, Glasdon Jubilee™ 110 and Streamline Jubilee™ Litter Bins.

To discuss your litter bin requirements, please call us on +44 1253 600 435, email gil@glasdon.com, or why not try our Live Chat facility?

Friday, August 2, 2013

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