A robust, low-maintenance timber-effect seat.

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Elwood™ is a robust, low-maintenance timber-effect seat.

Elwood™ Seat is available with a choice of three end colours and three recycled material slat options to offer nine different colour combinations in total.

Elwood™ Seat's ends are made from Everwood™ Material, which combines the visual appeal of wood with the durability and low maintenance of a polymer. The Everwood™ Material ends and Enviropol™ or Timberpol™ Material slats will not rot, warp or crack and do not need regular surface treatments.

Elwood™ Seat co-ordinates with the Sherwood™ Litter Bin and Glenwood™ Post to provide a stylish and uniform range of street furniture.

Design Features
  • Environmentally friendly recycled material.
  • Low maintenance seat ends with realistic timber effect.
  • Nine colour options.
  • Ground fixings or internal ballast available.
Seat end colours: Black Oak, Dark Oak, Light Oak.
Slat colours: Black Enviropol™, Brown Enviropol™, Timberpol™.
Slats: Enviropol™ Material or Timberpol™ Material.
Seat ends: Everwood™ Material.
Seat frame: Mild steel with Armortec™ Coating.
Length: 1985mm.
Overall depth: 675mm.
Seat height: 470mm.
Overall height: 915mm.
Total seat weight including:
Timberpol™ slats: 85kg.
Enviropol™ slats: 75kg.
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