Chevroflex Ultra™ Sign System

Cuts costs, proven to prevent accidents and passively safe.

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Chevroflex Ultra Sign System cuts costs, proven to prevent accidents and passively safe.
Design Features
  • Certified passively safe to Performance Standard NE3/100. What is this?
  • Highly visible wall effect - offers a clear indication ahead of a bend or hazard in the road. What is this?
  • New easy to install socket for quick and easy sign replacement. What is this?
  • Three standard sizes of Chevron - 400mm, 600mm or 800mm. What is this?
  • Modular socket design allows for unlimited number of Chevrons.
  • Available as left-hand bend, right-hand bend or a roundabout unit with a statute-compliant 606 signface. What is this?
  • Available with or without high-visibility border. What is this?
  • AutoCAD model specifications available for all products.
Uprights: Black.
Hi-Vis surround: Yellow or Yellow/Green.
Uprights: Impactaflex™ Material. What is this?
Socket: Galvanised steel.
All retroreflective materials supplied by Glasdon UK are as recommended in table NA1 of the National Annex of BS EN 12899-1:2007 Fixed Vertical Road Signs.
Chevroflex Ultra Sign System - High-Speed Drive-Though Tests
Chevroflex Ultra Sign System - Day and Night
Chevroflex Ultra Sign System Wind Tunnel Testing
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