Buffer™ Bollard

An impact-absorbing recycled rubber bollard.

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Buffer Bollard is an impact-absorbing recycled rubber bollard.
Design Features
  • Available in two heights - 600mm or 900mm.
  • Reinforcing tube allows bollard to be flexible yet resilient. What is this?
  • Recessed area for retroreflective or decorative banding.
  • 100% recycled material.
Colours: Black, Green, Terracotta.
Bollard: 100% recycled rubber car tyres. What is this?
Reinforcing tube: Galvanised mild steel.
All retroreflective materials supplied by Glasdon UK are as recommended in table NA1 of the National Annex of BS EN 12899-1:2007 Fixed Vertical Road Signs.
Height above ground: 600mm or 900mm.
Maximum diameter: 248mm.
Extended base depth below ground: 300mm.
Buffer Bollard Product Testing
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