The Nexus® Cup Stacker is a compact and cost effective solution for recycling disposable cups. It can collect up to 50 used cups and is ideal for front and back of house, retail and commercial environments where a smaller solution is required.

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Nexus Cup Stacker

Keep disposable cups away from other waste and improve your cup recycling rates with this versatile and compact cup stacking solution.

The correct stacking of empty, used cups is considered one of the most effective ways to collect cups for recycling. It reduces the cross contamination which leads to cups being sent to landfill and can therefore reduce waste disposal costs too.

The Nexus Cup Stacker allows for up to 50 paper cups to be stacked correctly for collection.

It is lightweight and easy to clean with a removable, 100% dishwasher safe drip tray. The quick release mechanism provides a swift operation when emptying the cups for collection.

Use as a stand-alone unit in back of house environments or alternatively retrofit it to an existing Nexus® 100 Recycling Bin to introduce a cup recycling programme and create a multi-purpose recycling station.

Please note: a lock kit will be required if the Nexus Cup Stacker is to be sited in public settings such as sporting venues and stadia.

Personalisation is available to be fitted on both sides of the Cup Stacker tube. Please contact us for a quote.

Design Features
  • Collects up to 50 used, emptied disposable cups. Quantity based on 16oz cups. Stacker takes small, medium and large cups.
  • The opening down the front of the stacker provides a clear vision into how many cups are in the stacker. What is this? Opening
  • Compact solution for wall mounting or retrofitting to an existing bin such as the Nexus 100 Recycling Bin. What is this? Wall Mounted and Fitted to a Nexus® 100
  • Quick release mechanism allows a swift emptying procedure. What is this? Quick Release Mechanism
  • Lift off bracket enables you to remove the Nexus Cup Stacker and carry it with the paper cups to an emptying point. What is this? Lift Off Bracket
  • Body is lightweight and allows for easy cleaning, while providing a modern look in customer and operational environments.
  • Removable drip tray for excess liquid to protect the surrounding floor. Drip tray is 100% dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. What is this? 100% Dishwasher Safe Drip Tray
  • Optional sign kits provide educational direction for customers and employees, improving recycling efficiency. What is this? Optional Sign Kits
Product Options
  • Optional Sign Kits: What is this? Optional Sign Kits

    A4 Cup Recycling Sign Kit (Wall mounted only)
    Nexus 100 Rear Foamex Sign Kit can also be retrofitted to your existing bin. Talk to us today.

  • Fixing Options

    Wall Mounting Kit
    Retrofit Fixing Kit for Nexus 100 Recycling Bin

  • Lockable Option: What is this? Nexus Cup Stacker with and without lock option

    Nexus Cup Stacker (Lockable) c/w Wall Fixings
    Nexus Cup Stacker (Lockable) c/w Post Fixings
    Nexus Cup Stacker (Lockable) c/w Fence Fixings

Main Body: Durapol™
Drip Tray: Duratec™
Height: 767mm
Width: Drip Tray 160mm, Cup Stacker 119mm
Depth: 185mm
Cup Stacker Diameter: 97mm
Cup Stacker Weight: 0.9kg including Drip Tray 1.1kg
Drip Tray Capacity: 1 litre
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