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Social Distancing Floor Stickers

2 Sizes - 2 Standard Graphic Designs

Quality social distancing floor stickers. Available as 200mm x 200mm or 300mm x 300mm. Hard-wearing and easy to apply / remove. Choice of 2 standard designs with graphics informing employees, visitors and customers to keep their distance. Circular floor stickers. Personalisation also available, please request a quote.

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Help employees, customers and visitors adhere to your social distancing measures. Glasdon social distancing floor stickers are easy to apply and won't leave sticky residue or marks on the floor when removed.

Before application, clean and dry the floor area thoroughly to remove any dust, oil or grease from the surface for best results.

Position the sticker and simply peel back the paper backing, smoothing the sticker down into place as you go.

Design Features
  • Circular floor stickers
  • 2 standard designs available
Product Options
  • Optional personalisation available. If you would like to add your own message or design please request a quote.
  • Sticker Options:
      'Please Keep Your Distance' with people/arrow
      'Please Keep Your Distance' with footprints
Vinyl with lightly textured anti-slip laminate
200mm x 200mm or 300mm x 300mm