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Advocate™ Free Standing Sign

Portable with Fixed Foamex Sign

Large format, free standing sign board with a fixed sign. Advocate is ideal for social distancing messages and COVID-19 / PPE information. Highly visible, robust and weather resistant, it is easy to manoeuvre into position. Choose from 5 standard design fixed signs or alternatively request a quote for personalisation options.

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Display your COVID-19 and PPE information messages clearly with this extremely robust, low maintenance and easy to use sign board.

Advocate Free Standing Sign is manufactured from tough, corrosion resistant Durapol™ material, which offers exceptional strength and a long service life. Ideal for pavements, forecourts, shops, restaurants and leisure environments.

This large floor standing display unit holds a 800mm x 1073mm fixed Foamex sign to give outstanding visual impact. The signs can easily be changed by unscrewing the four bolts, providing a cost–effective way of advertising your products or service.

Advocate's two piece design allows for simple self–assembly and ease of delivery / storage before use. The pavement display sign has a slimline design, making it easy to manoeuvre, allowing for the best position for your messages. The large face is ideal for forecourts as passing drivers can still see the sign.

Available as a single or double sided sign board. The large curved ballast base provides stability and can be filled with water or sand to minimise the risk of the unit blowing over (the base must be ballasted with 77kg of sand / water, in order to withstand high wind speed).

Design Features
  • Frames a 800mm x 1073mm fixed sign  What is this? Poster Size
  • Manufactured from a tough, corrosion resistant Durapol polymer  What is this? Durapol Polymer
  • Maximises visual impact of offers and services
  • Double or single sided
  • Contemporary design to blend with many different indoor and outdoor environments
  • Two piece design (Body and Base) for simple self-assembly and ease of storage before use.  What is this?
  • Unique fixing method using nylon fixing pegs to secure the body to the base (patent pending).  What is this?
  • Large curved base - strong, robust and impact resistance, and has no sharp edges to reduce hazards.  What is this?
  • Fill port and cap to ease filling of the base with water or sand.  What is this?
  • Strong and robust rubber wheels allow the unit to be manoeuvred when ballasted. What is this?
  • Foot rest detail provides an area to place your foot to ease manoeuvring. What is this?
  • Two fixing points allow the unit to be fixed to a wall/post for maximum security.  What is this?
  • Recessed areas for reflectors or personalisation options, improving safety and reducing trip hazards.  What is this?

Colour: Mid Grey

Product Options
  • Double or single sided display.  What is this?
  • Base Reflector Kit  What is this?
  • Body Reflector Kit  What is this?
  • Standard Poster Sign Options:
      PPE Disposal Centre
      COVID-19 Testing Centre
      Please keep your distance
      Keep 1 metre apart
      Keep 2 metres apart
    Custom signage is also available via our personalisation service.
Body & Base: Durapol Material
Sign: Foamex
Wheels: Rubber
Height: 1525mm
Width: 885mm
Depth: 775mm
Weight: Body and Base: 21kg
Body and Base with Sand Ballast: 98kg
Fixed Sign: 800mm x 1073mm
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