The Bowland™ Picnic Table offers a contemporary twist on a traditional seating design. Combining a curved Armortec™ coated mild steel frame with your choice of six different coloured, environmentally-friendly material slats, this picnic table offers strength and sustainability with a long service life.

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With its choice of slat colour and material finishes, Bowland Picnic Table is extremely versatile to suit your outdoor environment.

Its smooth, curved frame provides easy access, while the rounded seat and tabletop slats enhance the comfort and safety by removing sharp edges.

When combined with Enviropol™ or Vandalex™ material slats, this picnic table becomes 100% recyclable at the end of its service life.

Please note: The Bowland Picnic Table must be securely bolted down on a concrete foundation or on paving slabs using the self-tapping anchor bolts supplied.

Design Features
  • Easy seating access for 6-8 people.
  • Made with environmentally friendly recycled materials.
  • Rounded slats on all edges for safety and comfort.
  • Vandal-resistant robust design.
  • Seat slats will never need painting.
  • Superb strength.
  • Six slat material and colour options. What is this? Bowland Picnic Table Colour and Material Options
  • Slats require minimal maintenance and need no surface treatment.
  • Weather-resistant – will not rot.
  • Long lasting.
  • Self-tapping anchor bolts for concrete foundation or paving slabs supplied as standard.
  • Delivered fully assembled for immediate install and use.
Product Options
  • Parasol hole available.
Frame: Armortec™ coated mild steel
Slats: Enviropol material, Timberpol™ material or Vandalex material
Length: 1790mm
Depth: 1318mm
Seat Height: 458mm
Overall Height: 758mm
Total weight including: Enviropol material slats: 114kg, Timberpol material slats: 124kg, Vandalex material slats: 60kg
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