A lightweight, streamlined buoyancy aid.

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B-Line Water Rescue Device is a lightweight, streamlined buoyancy aid.

B-Line Water Rescue Device can be thrown much further and more accurately than a standard lifebuoy, increasing the chances of a successful rescue.

B-Line Water Rescue Device aids flotation, helping to reduce panic and allowing regular breathing to recommence. The rescuee can then be pulled safely to the shore.

Design Features
  • Easily thrown with accuracy.
  • Buoyant and strong.
  • Soft nose reduces risk of injury to rescuee.
  • Easy to re-throw.
Colour: Bright Yellow.
Rope: Polypropylene.
Sleeve: PVC-coated nylon.
Strap: Polypropylene.
Length: 685mm
Diameter: 159mm
Weight: 1.3kg
Buoyancy: 4.14kg
Rope: 31m of 6mm diameter polypropylene floating rope. Breaking strain - 550kg.