TramShed Takes Centre Stage

Lights, camera, action! Grant donated to Blackpool based inclusive theatre company that changes people’s lives.

TramShed is a place where differences are always accepted and actively celebrated. An inclusive theatre company offering opportunities in performing arts to all types of individuals across the North-West.

Delivering music, dance and drama on a weekly basis, 89% of their current members are living with a disability. These include physical/learning difficulties, neurodiversity, invisible disabilities, visual/hearing impairments, behavioural needs and mental health conditions.

TramShed’s mission is ‘To bring individuals together to create outstanding, original and beautiful theatre which inspires and celebrates everyone’. Their vision is to be a self-sustaining independent organisation with a large active membership and key community partnerships.

Recent projects include two digital online inclusive programmes including a response to the COVID-19 pandemic entitled ‘Unlocked: Life After Lockdown’.

Now in their 15th anniversary year, the group is in a strong position to begin new and exciting projects. The grant, provided by The DJ Sidebottom/Glasdon Charitable Programme, means they can continue to create new projects and friendships within the organisation, bringing individuals together through the power of theatre.

To learn more about grants available through The DJ Sidebottom/Glasdon Charitable Programme, visit the grant criteria page on our website.

TramShed Grant

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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