Snow Walks the Wall for Heroes

Ex Royal Signal and veteran fundraiser, Darran Snow certainly stepped things up with his latest challenge and for a unique charitable cause.

The Field Sales Manager for Glasdon UK Limited sister company to Glasdon International Limited, had his sights set on walking the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall from the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne to the official finish point in Bowness on Solway. However Darran, his partner, their group of friends and their two dogs, also decided that the 84 mile cross country trek would not challenge them enough unless it was completed in 4 days!

Darran said:

“We broke the back of it on day 1 walking 30 miles. Then stopped at camp sites along the route as close to the wall as possible, continuing on to complete another 20 miles on day 2, 19 miles on day 3 and finally easing up with 15 miles on day 4.”

With walks to and from the camp sites the intrepid walkers actually covered 92 miles over the 4 days.

And all this for a cause very close to home, as the team chose to raise money for Hounds for Heroes. 

Darran explains:

“We are all ex or currently serving Royal Signals and all met our partners while in the Regular Army or Army Reserves. We had two dogs with us on the trek and Millie has just retired from the army herself after 6 years sniffing out I.E.D's (Improvised Explosive Devices) for her platoon in Afghanistan. 

“Hounds for Heroes train dogs to become assistance dogs for ex-military and emergency services personnel who have had life changing injuries. The dogs selected for training are mainly rescue animals and the charity has seen some fantastic successes.”

So far Darran and his challengers have raised over £1000 for the charity, including a donation from the Glasdon Charitable Giving Committee.

Find out more about Hounds for Heroes.

Snow Walks the Wall for Heroes
Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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