Dillon Byrne February Update

As you may be aware, Glasdon is a proud supporter of Dillon Byrne, a young and talented cyclist who is chasing down his dream.

His first official race was on Sunday 28th February and he has recently been in touch with his update for February, here is what he said.

"Hi Glasdon,

The month of February started with me training with the team in Benidorm. We all got lots of really good quality training in, including sessions for sprint lead outs, sprints, chase downs, long and short efforts on climbs ... lots of climbing! When we got back to Belgium the legs felt good and the diet was going well.

We had our team presentation, which was a really good night, and the day after we had our first ‘practice race’. This is a traditional event in Belgium, one week before the official start of the season so all teams get used to racing with each other and make sure everyone works well and bonds in a race.

The practice race didn’t go too well for me, it was a 180 man bunch, and I ended up too far back on the start line and got caught behind splits caused by horrific crosswinds that saw riders being blown clean from their bikes!

After a slow start, my legs ‘woke up’ and I felt really strong, but by this point the race was up the road and I was in no mans land! It was a good day for the team as we got two Top 10 placings, with a 4th and 7th.


PS. In our first official race on Sunday 28th February, the Sint-Joris-Weert 1.12B Kermesse, I finished 23rd in a tough race. Wednesday 2nd March is a big race, Le Samyn."

Dillon Byrne February Update
Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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