Helping Local Life Line Stay on the Road

In 2015, the Blackpool Food Partnership appealed for help to keep its vital work on the road.

The local Bispham based charity delivers donated food to hostels and soup kitchens across Blackpool.

Manager Nikki Hart made an urgent appeal for help towards their desperate need for a new delivery van and the ongoing running costs.

Nikki explains:

“The van works hard delivering food parcels for Blackpool people who desperately need them.

“People go hungry in Blackpool for many reasons beyond their control. Food poverty and hunger affects all ages from children to the elderly.

“It takes the food parcels to key distribution points where they are given out to people in need.”

Last year and following frequent breakdowns which would subsequently delay vital deliveries, the charity’s van was deemed to be unsafe and not roadworthy.

Glasdon wanted to answer their call for help and although the charity had secured the funding for a new vehicle, we pledged £1,000 support per year for the next three years to cover fuel costs.

The Blackpool Food Partnership also plays an important role in reducing supermarket food waste preventing it from going to landfill.

Nikki said:

“Our work help reduces food waste and the carbon footprint of food companies like Sainsbury’s who donate frozen bread on its sell-by date.

“It is with a huge thank you to all of our supporters that we can continue to help local people in need by redistributing all food donations to hostels, children’s centres and community centres.”

Helping Local Life Line Stay on the Road
Thursday, March 31, 2016

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