The Orbis sack holder is a specifically designed sack holder for transport, airport and sporting arenas. The clear sack enables high visibility for when the need for security is high.

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The Orbis Sack holder is perfect for locations such as transport hubs, airports and sporting arenas where security is a priority.

Orbis sack holder has been designed and manufactured specifically for this reason. When used with a clear sack Orbis can collect external litter while allowing visual inspection for contamination. This plastic litter bin is available in a variety of colours - with or without a lid and with a choice of fixing options to suit your location.

When purchased in the black model, this litter bin contains 15% recycled content.

Design Features
  • Available with or without lid.
  • Unique sack retention system.
  • Integrally moulded hinge.
  • Anti-flyposting and anti-graffiti features.
  • Durable construction.
Bin Body: Black (15% Recycled Content), Anthracite Grey, Millstone, Sandstone. What is this? Bin body colours
Lid: Black (15% Recycled Content), Anthracite Grey, Millstone, Sandstone, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red. What is this? Bin lid colours
Product Options
  • Optional protective shield coverings such as: What is this? Protective shield covering
    Polycarbonate shield
    Stainless Steel Mesh cage
    Stainless Steel Mesh cage + Wall mount kit
  • Bin-it graphics available in black, white, silver or gold. What is this? Bin-it graphic
  • Fixing options:
    Wall/Rail mounting fixings
    Post fixings (including post) What is this? Post fixings (including post)
    Post fixings (excluding post)
  • Single or double sign carrier kit  What is this? Single or double sign carrier kit
Body & lid: Durapol™
Capacity: up to 110 litres
Height (with lid): 184mm
Height (without lid): 135mm
Diameter: 412mm
Overall depth: 456mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Glasdon International | Installation | Orbis™ surface mounted post
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Glasdon International | Product Testing | Orbis™ post mounted sack holder