Guarding Hoffler Creek Wildlife Reserve

Hoffler Creek is a beautiful 142 acre wildlife reserve sitting at the mouth of the James River in Virginia, USA offering environmental education, research and recreation, which is carried out through various activities such as Hiking, Kayaking, Oyster Gardening and through the beautiful docks and overlooks.

With many schools, colleges and community's visiting Hoffler Creek Wildlife Reserve each year, safety is of high importance. In order to help with water safety the Guardian™ Life Ring Cabinets manufactured by Glasdon Inc. has been fitted onto existing wooden railings situated near high level water destinations around the lake.

The Glasdon Guardian Cabinets are available in two different sizes 24inch and 30inch, both can be fitted with a life ring and rope. In order to keep the ring and rope protected the cabinet is fitted with a strong knuckle hinge and hinge rod, this resists corrosion and vandalism, the cabinet is also sealed from water, minimising damage to the buoy and rope from salt water. A toggle latch is fitted to ensure to the door does not open during extreme weather conditions such as high winds and rain. To make it quick and easy for inspections to take place the cabinet has a Durapol™ material indicator, this fixture is easy to reset if the cabinet has been opened or tampered with. Another way in which the cabinet can be inspected is through the small window, this will allow the person to see if the ring is still in place. To make the cabinet personalised, stickers can be designed and created to fit the product, allowing customers to know who has provided the water safety equipment.

Glasdon Inc. our sister company in the United States have supplied Hoffler Creek Wildlife Reserve with the Guardian Life Ring Cabinet, which we hope will never have to be used but if an accident were to occur, the cabinet will have helped to keep the lifesaving equipment secure, making sure that if the equipment was needed it would work to full capacity.

If you would like to discuss implementing water safety solutions please contact us, or use the Live Chat feature on this website.

Guarding Hoffler Creek Wildlife Reserve
Monday, March 30, 2015

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