Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Recycling Bin

Dual Bin for Recyclable Waste

The Glasdon Jubilee Duo 220 recycling bin is a traditionally styled recycling bin with a dual 220L capacity. This slimline solution is ideal for heritage-style street-scapes and public spaces. Available in a wide selection of colours with a choice of liners, recycling aperture panels, co-ordinating coloured banding and graphics.

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Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Recycling Bin offers a generous capacity of 220 litres with a slim design and compact footprint, which makes it ideal for collecting recyclable waste in busy pedestrianised zones and outdoor public spaces.

With its traditional Glasdon Jubilee aesthetic this dual recycling bin solution complements heritage-style street-scapes, parks and town centres.

And if your requirements change, the bin's flexible design offers the ability to add or change recycling aperture panels to suit future needs. While the option of blanking aperture panels means the bin can be sited next to a wall with the rear apertures sealed off.

The Glasdon Jubilee Duo 220 is also available as a double litter bin and mixed recyclables solution with the option to choose the configuration you require.

When purchased in the black model, this litter bin contains 15% recycled content.

Personalisation is also available on request.

We recommend permanent ground fixing - please refer to the choice of fixing options.

Design Features
  • Available as a keyed or keyless model and choice of steel or Durapol® material liners as standard. Foot-activated keyless model removes the need for operator keys.
  • Duo Waste 220L Capacity (2x 110L Liners) - ability to collect two separate waste streams, large capacity allows for minimal emptying frequency, easy to lift with gloved hands and minimal contact with litter. What is this? Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Recycling Bin - 2 x 110 litre Liners
  • Slim Footprint with Double Doors - minimal pavement space is taken up and minimal obstruction when servicing or emptying.
  • Traditional Glasdon Jubilee Aesthetic - ribbed design body for anti-fly posting, aesthetically pleasing and co-ordinates with the street scene.
  • Dedicated Shaped & Coloured Recycling Apertures, 'Recycle Now' Graphics & Band Recess - minimises cross contamination, easily identifiable colour coordinated waste streams, coordination with existing street schemes and Glasdon Jubilee waste units. Flexibility to change, recess deters picking.
  • Overhanging Aperture Shelves & Anti Cross Contamination Shield - minimises cross-contamination, ensures that the litter falls into the liner, low maintenance as minimal cleaning inside the bin is required. What is this? Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Recycling Bin - Overhanging Aperture Shelves
  • 3 Point Interlocking Double Door - one key required to open two doors, fail-safe gravity action with slam shut operation securely engages door.
  • Unique Locking Mechanism - corrosion resistant, minimal components and ease of maintenance. Slam shut operation. Utilises standard Tri-key.
  • Double Skinned Door - strong and robust.
  • Domed Hood - strong and robust, prevents litter from being left on the top surface of the bin and prevents rain pooling. What is this? Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Recycling Bin - Domed Hood
  • Hood Stubber Plate - ease of stubbing, protects Durapol hood, deters littering, clearly identifiable quick release with coordinating colours.
  • Four Apertures - recyclable waste can be deposited from both sides, ease and flexibility of use, accepts fast food waste and prevents trade waste.
  • Chamfered Apertures - prevents litter from being left on bin surfaces. What is this? Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Recycling Bin - Chamfered Apertures
  • Additional Personalisation - recessed A5 area and legend area are easy to personalise, while the recess deters picking.
  • Liner Tray - ease of cleaning, prevents leakage and staining of surroundings, hides bait box. What is this? Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Recycling Bin - Removable Liner Tray
  • Rising Door - easy to use, secure and robust fitting.
  • Door Rise Guide - slam shut, self-returns door to locked position, speed of use.
  • Concealed Hinge - flush external finish, strong and robust.
Bin Body: Black (Contains 15% Recycled Material), Millstone, Dark Blue, Deep Green and Anthracite Grey What is this? Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Recycling Bin - Colour Options
Product Options
  • Liner Elastic Sack Retention - for use with Durapol and steel liners to provide secure fitting of sack, ease of use, speed of use.
  • Blanking Panels - easy to adapt, flexibility to change, added security. What is this? Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Recycling Bin - Aperture Blanking Panel
  • A4 Poster Frames - easy to personalise, easy to change poster, sponsorship opportunities, display area for council campaigns. What is this? Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Bin - A4 Poster Frame Kits
  • Mouse Hole & Bait Box Area - vermin control, secure and safe containment, easy maintenance access. What is this? Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 Recycling Bin - Rodent Bait Box Area
Body & Door: Durapol® Material
Steel Liner: Zinc Coated Steel
Moulded Plastic Liner: Durapol Material
Apertures and Poster Frames: Durapol Material
Height: 1187mm
Width: 1140mm
Depth: 556mm

Bin Only: 39kg
Bin c/w Steel Liners: 49.2kg
Bin c/w Durapol Material Liners: 47.2kg

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