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Marine Safety Equipment - Lifebuoys and Lifebuoy Housings

Glasdon is a market leader in the supply of marine safety equipment including lifebuoys and lifebuoy housing units, the B-Line™ throw line rescue buoy and equipment storage units.

Our product range has been designed in-house and rigorously tested to provide peace of mind.
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Life-saving Water Rescue Equipment

Glasdon lifebuoys are fully compliant with Chapter III standards for life-saving devices as per the Life Saving Appliance (LSA) code (SOLAS, 1974) which ensures lifebuoys are inherently buoyant and capable of supporting weight in the water for extended periods.

The B-Line™ throw line rescue buoy is a lightweight water rescue device designed to be thrown further and more accurately to the victim. The B-Line provides the victim with buoyancy, helping to reduce panic and allowing regular breathing to recommence.

Lifebuoy Housing and Storage Containers

The Guardian™ Lifebuoy Housing is designed to:

• be highly visible and recognisable in an emergency

• protect the life-saving equipment inside from harmful UV degradation

• deter thieves and vandals

• allow quick and easy inspection

The Ropemaster™ quick release rope management system is also incorporated into the interior of the housing unit to save valuable seconds for rescue attempts. The Guardian™ Lifebuoy Housing range is manufactured from polymer formulated Durapol™ material to withstand extremes of temperature and is impact-tested in our Quality Assurance Laboratory.