Nexus® Evolution City Duo PPE Disposal Station

Nexus® Evolution City Duo PPE Disposal Station is a 160 litre, multi-waste stream, external recycling unit, consisting of a hooded aperture with two colour coded apertures to fit your waste management requirements.

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Nexus Evolution City offers unrivalled flexibility to match the exact requirements of any waste management scheme.

Colour code your choice of apertures and waste graphics to create easily identifiable waste streams.

A bump fit lid stay feature keeps the hooded aperture upright when emptying. This ensures both hands can be free to access the quick and easy bungee sack retention system.

The unit's narrow-footprint ensures minimal floor space is required, whilst the symmetrical design allows the Evolution City to be approached from all sides.

Standard or personalised graphics stickers can be added to the large front and rear areas of the Evolution City bin body.

While recessed areas on the sides of the unit can also be used for personalisation if required and to create an exciting visual effect. What is this?

If you wish to find out more about the graphic options available for the Nexus Evolution City range or would like to see how your chosen product would look with custom graphics before ordering, please request a quote today.

Please note: If siting near a wall, a gap of 330mm must be left between the wall and the rear base of the bin.

Design Features
  • 160L capacity available in two 80L aperture panels.
  • Hooded aperture gives protection from the elements.
  • Dedicated aperture panels can be fitted in a variety of configurations.
  • Bungee sack retention system. What is this?
  • Narrow-footprint for space saving.
  • Large graphic and personalisation area. What is this?
  • Pivoting lid with stay.
  • Approachable from the front and rear.
  • Dual key-lock. What is this?
  • Aperture Divider.
Nexus Evolution City Body: Pastel Grey, Anthracite Grey, Black (15% recycled content)
Slot Apertures: Pastel Blue
Round Apertures: Mid Grey, Red
Open Apertures: Black, Lime Green
Product Options
  • Fixing Options Qu’est-ce que c’est?
    • Concrete Foundation Fixing Kit (A)
    • Paving Fixing Kit (B)
    • Adjustable Concrete-In Anchors (C)
  • Cigarette stubber plate. What is this?
  • 60 litre zinc coated steel liners available (maximum two per bin).
  • Body & Apertures Recycling Graphics.
  • Non-standard graphics are also available through Personalisation Service. What is this?
  • 80L Oxo-Degradable Polythene Sacks (Pack of 100) What is this? 80L Oxo-Degradable Polythene Sacks (Pack of 100)
Body, Hood & Aperture Panels: Durapol™ Material.
Height: 1074mm
Length: 956mm
Depth: 430mm
Weight: 20kg
Capacity: 160L
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Glasdon International | Nexus® Evolution City Recycling Bins
Glasdon International | Nexus® Evolution City Duo PPE Disposal Station