Keeping Philadelphia Beautiful with Glasdon Cigarette Units

We are pleased to see that our products are making a difference! The Glasdon Ashmount SG™ has been installed as part of a cigarette litter prevention initiative along the Philadelphia waterfront in the US - helping reduce the damage caused to the environment by cigarette waste.

Keep Philadelphia Beautiful - part of the 'Keep America Beautifu'’ initiative have teamed up with the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation and together they are tackling cigarette Litter at the Philadelphia Waterfront head on. Not only have they installed thirty new cigarette trash units, but they are also working hard to solve the problem of the lack of awareness of the environmental damage that cigarette litter causes.

Cigarette butt litter is not only harmful to the environment such as the waterways and wildlife, but there is also the extra cost businesses and residents incur from the additional clean-up of this type of litter. Installing cigarette litter units in entrance ways, on side-walks and car parks can help businesses reduce the costs they incur of clearing up this type of litter.

With each of the Ashguard SG Cigarette Litter Receptacles able to hold 1,050 cigarette butts – combined with the education provided by Keep Philadelphia Beautiful and the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, the newly installed cigarette units have the potential to prevent thousands of cigarette butts damaging the environment at the Philadelphia Waterfont and also has the potential to help save hundreds of dollars in clean-up costs.

For more information on our range of range of Cigarette Trash Units and to hear how they could work for you there are several ways you can get in touch. Call +44 1253 600 435, email, or use the Live Chat feature on this website.

Keeping Philadelphia Beautiful with Glasdon Cigarette Units
Monday, June 15, 2015
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