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The Electra™ 60 is the perfect outdoor litter bin designed for modern environments. This contemporary litter container combines strength and functionality with style and good looks.

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The Electra™ 60 outdoor litter container is contemporary and modern, using a variety of architectural bin features to create a new and unique aesthetic design.

Manufactured with Armortec™ coated steel framework and Vandalex™ material body panels for excellent fire and vandal resistance, and a long service life.

The bin body panels and Armortec™ coated steel frame are 100% recyclable, making Electra™ 60 an environmentally friendly outdoor metal litter bin, and the unique surface finishes help to enhance any stylish location.

The Electra™ 60 bin body panels have an anodised and polished Electra™ Grey finish, contrasting with the Armortec™ coated umbra grey steel frame to create an attractive contemporary look.

Ideal for new and modern style developments, such as businesses, towns and architectural areas, Electra™ external litter bin provides a long service life as corrosion and maintenance is minimal.

Where a free standing kit is not ordered then the Electra™ 60 litter bin must be ground–fixed and our concrete and paving fixing kit are supplied as standard.

Design Features
  • Contemporary design for use in modern locations.  What is this? Anodised and Polished Finish
  • Floor mounted with a slim profile design provides flexible siting options.  What is this? Floor Mounted Design
  • Full length door allows easy access to the liner and helps prevent littering when emptying.  What is this? Full Length Door
  • Keyed cam lock is quick and easy to use with a standard key.  What is this? Keyed Cam Lock
  • Two large apertures allow fast food containers, but are small enough to prevent trade or domestic waste.  What is this? Large Aperture
  • Optional Sack retention system which is robust, reliable and quick for the operator, whilst also concealing the sack trim.  What is this? Sack Retention System
  • Optional 60 Litre solid liner for fire protection, operator safety and ease of use.  What is this? Sack Retention System
  • Modern style side cut outs allowing for visibility of contents, can be blanked off internally for personalisation.  What is this? Side cut out allowing visibility of contents or personalisation
  • Large personalisation area available on the central recess of each body panel.  What is this? Personalisation Areas
  • 100% Recyclable Extruded Vandalex™ panels are strong, durable and corrosion resistant.  What is this? Personalisation Areas
  • Anodised and polished finish for a contemporary and unique appearance.  What is this? Anodised and Polished Finish
  • Vandal, corrosion and weather resistant Armortec™ coated frame and fixing feet.  What is this? Anodised and Polished Finish
  • Free standing kit for internal or external environments where ground fixings are not suitable.  What is this? Free Standing Kit
Body Panels: Anodised and Polished Electra™ Grey finish  What is this? Anodised and Polished Finish
Framework: Umbra Grey
Product Options
  • Liner Options What is this? Choice of Liner Options
      Solid metal liner
    • Sack retention system
    • Metal liner with bungee sack retention system
  • Drip Tray for use with the Sack Retention System. Designed to catch any liquid or waste from damaged, leaking sacks and helps prevent spillage and pooling around the base of the bin. What is this? Drip Tray
  • Ashtray with separate 1L metal liner to keep cigarette waste separate  What is this?
  • Aperture Flaps  What is this?
  • Side Blanking Kit  What is this?
  • Fixing Options: What is this? Ground Fixings
    Concrete Foundation Fixing Bolts x4 (A)
    Paving Slab Fixing Bolts x4 (B)
    Concrete-in Anchors (Adjustable Depth) x4 (C)
    Free Standing Base (for customer assembly) (I)
    Free Standing Base (fixed) (I)
  • Bungee Sack Retention is a 5mm elasticated cord fitted at both ends to secure the top of sack when it is wrapped over the steel liner What is this? Bungee Sack Retention System with Metal Liner
Body Panels – 100% Recyclable Extruded Vandalex™
Framework – Armortec™ Coated Steel
Fixings – Stainless Steel
Liner – Galvanised Steel
Sack Retention – Stainless Steel
Keyed Lock Cam – Stainless Steel
Capacity: Liner 60 Litres / Sack Retention 65 Litres
Bin Volume: 65 litres
Height: 1010mm
Width: 460mm
Depth: 310mm
Weight: 39kg (with steel liner)
Capacity Optional Ashtray Liner : 2 Litres (1 Litre for each stubber plate)
Weight: 36.5kg (with sack retention)
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