A heavy duty mobile PPE Waste Disposal Bin with a foot operated pedal.

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Purpose-designed for heavy duty applications, the tough Hippo PPE Waste Bin is a mobile solution for the collection of PPE waste.

Hippo features an extremely durable foot pedal mechanism that has been proven to have a working life of far more than 100,000 foot presses.

Design Features
  • Lid/pedal in a choice of colours.
  • Rear recessed wheels.
  • Sack retention system.
Bin body: Light Grey.
Lid & pedal: Blue, Red.  What is this?
Bin body: Durapol™
Height: 960mm
Width: 530mm
Depth: 550mm
Weight: 14kg
Capacity (Sack): 84 litres approx
Glasdon International | Hippo™ PPE Waste Bin