Combo PPE bin is an indoor or outdoor unit with a large 140-litre capacity.

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Combo PPE Disposal Bin has a large 140-litre capacity.

The bin has smooth contours to ensure there are no dirt traps and to allow easy cleaning.

Its durable construction makes it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

Design Features
  • Choice of aperture flap or open front model.
  • Sack retention system.
  • Door retention arm.
Bin Body: Black, Cool Light Grey, Dark Blue, Deep Green, Red.  What is this?
Door: Black, Cool Light Grey, Dark Blue, Deep Green, Red.  What is this?
Flap: Black, Cool Light Grey, Dark Blue, Deep Green, Red.  What is this?
Product Options
  • Rear handle and wheels kit What is this?
  • Tray restricting bar kit What is this?
  • A4 sign kit
Bin body, door, flap & tray top: Durapol™
Sack retention system: Stainless steel
Capacity: 140 litres
Height: 1195mm
Width: 595mm
Depth: 606mm
Weight: 21.4kg (with open front)
Glasdon International | Combo™ PPE Disposal Bin